martes, 5 de julio de 2016

10. Project Work: Artificial Intelligence

Complete this sentence:
Artificial Intelligence refers to the intelligence exhibited by machines, but GAI refers to...

Answer these questions:
What is Deep Blue? What did it do?

What can TOPIO do? What does it continually do?

Who is Siri? What does she do?

What is Vocaloid? What can it do?

What do artificial noses react to?
What is the name of the implants that restore hearing?
How many people have their sight restored with cameras in their glasses?
Who is the best judge of the quality of wines?
What does Ray Kurzweil say? Can you imagine your memories in a hard drive?
What can an artificial arm do?

Which four films are cited in the text above? Have you seen any of them?

Your task:
This is pair work. You have to prepare a presentation using Google Slides on any aspect related to Artificial Intelligence. Your presentation will have 10 slides and each of you will have to present 5 slides without written text.

First, you will have to do some research. I suggest you start at Pindex:

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