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3. Personality Adjectives

1.    Personality Adjectives

Choose the best adjective for each sentence:

  1. She's so ____________ , she always gets people to do what she wants.
A shy              B vain                         C manipulative           D punctual
  1.  Don't be so _____ . You shouldn't tell people what to do all the time.
A         bossing            B punctual                  C bossy                       D timid
  1. When I was younger, I was very ___ , but now I often speak to groups of 100 people and it doesn't worry me at all.
A demanding             B shy              C bitchy                     D vain
  1. He's incredibly ____ . He spends hours looking at himself in the mirror.
A         punctual          B shy              C bitchy         D vain
  1. My father's quite _____________ . He often forgets where he has put things
A absent-minded        B open-minded         C like-minded            D mindful
  1. The important thing is to be __________ . Don't give up. Keep on trying.
A out-going    B persistent     C shy             D pushy
  1. She says the most terrible things about other people. She can be so ______ sometimes.
A demanding             B pushy          C bossy           D bitchy
  1. Mike's very _________ . Sometimes I just wish he could be quiet and listen for a change.
A chatty          B talkative      C easy-going             D shy
  1. You're never happy with anything anyone does. It's impossible to please you. You're so _________ .
A demanding             B talkative      C aggressive              D out-going
  1. Freddie is only young, but he loves meeting new people. He's extremely ______.
A vain                                    B out-going                C shy              D pushy
  1. One of my friends is never late for anything. I wish I could be as ________ as she is.
A timid                       B punctual                  C time-wasting           D early
  1. His sister often shouts at people when they don't do what she wants. She can be very __________ .
A timid                       B talkative                  C vain                         D aggressive


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