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3. Ted-ED Lesson: How playing sports benefits your body ... and your brain

You can get the video here

1.      Around what age does bone density begin to decrease?
       a.            15
      b.            21
       c.            30
      d.            60
2.      Exercising increases the rush of endorphins, which lead to feelings of:
       a.            Anger
      b.            Depression
       c.            Euphoria
      d.            Exhaustion

3.      Experiencing defeat as an athlete can be tough, but critical for building:
       a.            Muscle
      b.            Friendship
       c.            Memories
      d.            Resilience
4.      Which of the following is an effect of cardiovascular exercise?
       a.            Reduction of bad cholesterol
      b.            Lower blood pressure
       c.            Decreased risk of heart attack
      d.            Decreased risk of diabetes
       e.            All of the above

5.      Being on a sports team means learning to trust and depend on others, accept and give help, and work together towards a common goal. Therefore, being on a team can lead to:
       a.            Making new friends
      b.            Feeling alone
       c.            Sparking competition with enemies
      d.            Disliking the coach

6.      Why might learning to accept defeat be beneficial in the long run? What do athletes learn after suffering a tough loss?

7.      In addition to building new friendships, what are some other benefits of the communal experience of being on a team?

8.      Playing sports, or exercise in general, increases endorphins. What benefits do increased endorphins offer?

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