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5. Connectors of purpose

    To ..., in order to… for ... and so that ...
·         We use to ... to say why somebody does something (= the purpose of an action):
  * 'Why did you go out?' 'To post a letter.'
  * A friend of mine phoned to invite me to a party.
·         For ... and to ...
  * I'm going to Spain for a holiday.
  but I'm going to Spain to learn Spanish. (not 'for learn Spanish', not 'for learning Spanish')
  We use for + noun (for a holiday) but to + verb (to learn). Some more examples:
·         So that
  i) when the purpose is negative (so that ... won't/wouldn't):
  * I hurried so that I wouldn't be late. (= because I didn't want to be late)
  ii) with can and could (so that ... can/could)
  * She's learning English so that she can study in Canada.
  * We moved to London so that we could visit our friends more often.
1. Use a sentence from Box A and a sentence from Box B to make a new sentence.

1.      I shouted to warn people of the danger
2.      I had to go to the bank …

2 Complete these sentences using a suitable verb.
  1. The President has a team of bodyguards _to protect_ him.
  2. I didn't have enough time ____________ the newspaper today.
  3. I came home by taxi. I didn't have the energy ---
  4. 'Would you like something ____________' 'Yes, please. A cup of coffee.'
  5. We need a bag ____________ these things in.
  6. There will be a meeting next week ____________ the problem.
  7. I wish we had enough money ____________ a new car.
  8. I saw Helen at the party but we didn't have a chance ____________ to each other.
  9. I need some new clothes. I haven't got anything nice ____________
  10. They've just passed their exams. They're having a party ____________

3 Put in to or for.
  1. I'm going to Spain _for_ a holiday.
  2. You need a lot of experience ____________ this job.
  3. You need a lot of experience ____________ do this job.
  4. We'll need more time ____________ make a decision.
  5. I went to the dentist ____________ a check-up.
  6. I had to put on my glasses ____________ read the letter.
  7. Do you wear glasses ____________ reading?
  8. I wish we had a garden ____________ the children ____________ play in.
4 Write sentences with so that.
  1. I hurried. I didn't want to be late.
  2. We wore warm clothes. We didn't want to get cold.
  We wore
  3. The man spoke very slowly. He wanted me to understand what he said.
  The man
  4. I whispered. I didn't want anybody else to here our conversation.
____________ nobody ____________
  5. Please arrive early. We want to be able to start the meeting on time.
6.      She locked the door. She didn't want to be disturbed.

I slowed down. I wanted the car behind to be able to overtake.

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