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6. Connectors of addition and contrast

Complete the sentences using "and,but,or,for,nor,so"

1. He was very tired after a long working day , _____ he washed all the dishes in the kitchen.

2. Miriam bought apples,oranges,carrots,lemons _____ potatoes from the market in the city center.

3. Mr.Robertson should stop smoking cigarettes immediately _____ he will get seriously ill.

4. I forgot to take my umbrella with me _____ I got soaked under the heavy rain yesterday morning.

5. Benjamin could get the job easily _____ he was the only applicant for that position in the company.

6. He got up very late.He could neither have something to eat _____ have something to drink.

7. My mother vacuumed the floor _____ I dusted the furniture last weekend.

8. Our maths teacher gave her a punishment ____ she was late for class for the third time this week.

9. I didn't have enough money to buy the laptop I liked _____ I borrowed some money from my friend.

10. Samuel really wanted to go to the pop concert _____ he had to study for the French exam.

11. Either you finish the English project on time _____ the teacher will give you a bad mark.

12. James neither knew her telephone number _____ her home adress.He couldn't reach her.

13. Mrs.Cunningham had enough money to buy a new car _____ she couldn't decide which one to choose.

14. The students decided not to go out in the break _____ it was snowing heavily.

15. The thief went into the house from the kitchen window _____ got the mobile phone on the table.

16. Most shampoos include chemicals in them _____ I prefer using natural olive oil soap for my hair.

17. Stop drinking too much coke and eating a lot of fast food _____ you gain too much weight soon.

18. There were some injured players in our football team _____ we could win the match easily.

19. Abigail neither took a shower _____ she brushed her teeth this morning since she was very tired.

20. Benjamin fell asleep in a few minutes _____ the book he started reading was quite boring.

21. People in this small town neither have traffic problems _____ they have environmental problems.

22. Freddie didn't have enough eggs and sugar for the cake _____ he went to the supermarket.

23. People should stop cutting down the trees _____ we will suffer a lot from air pollution.

24. Scarlett ironed all the clothes,washed the dishes _____ wiped the floor before she went to bed.

Watch the video and answer the questions:

You can get the video here
Describe the situation  using and,but,or,for,nor,so

1.                  How does the boy feel?
2.                  What would you do?
3.                  What is being advertised?

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