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6. Listening and speaking: Important people

You can get the audio here

Listen to the speakers talking about important people in their lives and do the exercises

Do this exercise before you listen. Match the phrases with the correct definition and write a – f next to the numbers 1 – 6.

1…….. She looked after me.                        a. We have a good, friendly relationship.
2…….. We hang out a lot.                             b. She took care of me.
3…….. We get on well.                                 c. He likes the same things as me.
4…….. We fell out.                                        d. We have many similarities.
5…….. We have a lot in common.                e.We stopped being friends. (Especially after an argument.)
6…….. He’s into the same things.                 f. We spend a lot of time together.

Complete the gaps with these words
Childhood friend         brother            best friend       next-door neighbour  boyfriend
1. Speaker A is talking about her _______________ .
2. Speaker B is talking about his _______________ .
3. Speaker C is talking about her _______________ .
4. Speaker D is talking about his _______________ .
5. Speaker E is talking about her _______________


Who are you closest to in your family?
Who are your closest friends?
Which other people have been important in your life?


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