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6. Listening: New inventions

You can get the audio here

1. Check your understanding: true or false

Do this exercise while you listen. Circle True or False for these sentences.
1. Wing-suits allow people to fly or glide.                                         True                False
2. Wing-suits are getting cheaper.                                                    True                False
3. Gabriele Diamanti's water distiller is powered by the sun.           True                False
4.The "enable talk gloves" help people to use sign language in really cold
conditions.                                                                                         True                False
5. James Cameron invented a new underwater camera.               True                False
6. MIT students have invented a new type of ketchup.                   True                False
7. The last invention is a way of producing clouds indoors.             True                False
8. The science correspondent thinks the clouds are ugly.               True                False

2. Check your understanding: gap fill

Do this exercise while you listen. Write the word to fill the gaps.
1. Wing-suits are not very _____________, but the modern ones are better than ever.
2. Last October was the first ever wing-suit world _______________ in China.
3. You can buy a wing-suit for 600 to _______________ dollars.
4. The water distiller is for places where it’s hard to get clean _______________ water.
5. To produce the water distiller properly, they still need help with _______________.
6. The “enable talk gloves” were invented by some Ukrainian _______________.
7.The gloves use sensors to turn sign language into _________ and then into spoken ________
8.James Cameron was part of a team which designed a submarine capable of descending to ___________ kilometres down.
9. James Cameron was the first person to do a solo _________ so deep under the sea.
10. MIT students have invented a product that helps people get the contents out of _________.
11. A Dutch _______________ has found a way of creating clouds indoors.
12. You can’t make clouds for yourself at _______________ yet.

3. Speaking: Talk to your partner

Write the inventions in the correct group. If you don’t know, have a guess!

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