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7. Listening test: letters

You can get the audio here


In these letters from girls to a magazine, and the magazine’s answers, you are going to hear some new words. Read and listen to them. Make sure you know what they mean.
Marriage = matrimonio          Drug = droga              Success = éxito           Teeth =dientes

Here is the beginning of letter number 1:

Dear Moira:
I’m going out with a married man. He’s only two years older than I am, but he has a daughter and has been married since April of this year. He means everything to me. How do I deal with the situation?
Mary, 17

1. Letter 1. Which of the following is true?
1.      This situation will probably have a happy ending.
2.      There is no chance of a happy ending to this situation.
3.      There are some easy ways of solving the situation.

2. Letter 1. Who has had a daughter?
1.      It’s Mary who has had a daughter.
2.      Mary and the man have had a daughter.
3.      The man has had a daughter with his wife.

3. Letter 1. Which of the following is true?
1.      The man takes drugs.
2.      The man uses her like a drug.
3.      The girl and the man take drugs.

4. Letter 1. In the future, Moira says Mary ...
1.      will find another man.
2.      will insult this man.
3.      will marry this man.

5. Letter 2. Why does Roxy feel bad?
1.      She hates her teeth.
2.      She hates boys.
3.      Boys hate her.

6. Letter 2. What does Moira tell her to do?
1.      She must go to the orthodontist.
2.      She can look at different options.
3.      She should change her teeth.

7. Letter 2. Which of the following is true?
1.      The fashion photographer liked Moira’s teeth very much.
2.      The fashion photographer hated Madonna’s teeth.
3.      The fashion photographer hated Roxy’s teeth.

8. Letter 2. Did Moira go to the orthodontist?
1.      Yes, when she was at the high school.
2.      No, she didnt.
3.      Yes, when she was working at a fashion magazine.
9. Letter 2. What does Moira’s  husband think about her teeth?
1.      They are like everyone elses teeth.
2.      They are his favourite part of her face.
3.      He doesnt like them much.
10. Letter 2. In the future Roxy ...
1.      should be more confident about herself.
2.      should forget about boys.
3.      should be interested in having perfect teeth.

Your friend has just been left by his/her fiancé. He/she is very sad. Write a letter to cheer your friend up.

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