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7. Ted-Ed lesson: The Turing test: Can a computer pass for a human?

You can get the video here

   1.   What does the Turing test directly measure?
                                a.      How well a computer program can imitate human conversation
                                 b.   The level of consciousness in a computer program
    c.   A computer program’s memory and processing power

   2.      What was the name of the first program claimed to have passed the Turing test?                  
                                        a.   Cleverbot
                                        b.  ELIZA
                                        c.    Catherine

   3.      How is the Turing test evaluated?
                                 a.            Monitoring the computer’s internal activity
                                 b.            A standardized multiple-choice test
                                 c.            A human judge

   4.      What were Turing’s predictions for how computers would do on the test?

   5.      What potential problems with the test did the success of ELIZA and PARRY reveal?

   6.      What strategy was used by Eugene Goostman?
                              a.            Using a prewritten script
                               b.            Repeating judge’s questions back to them
                               c.            Pretending to have limited English skills

  7.      When was the idea of the Turing test first introduced?
                              a.            1890
                               b.            2010
                               c.            1950

Are we humans really different from computers?

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