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7. Ted-Ed: Why is being scared so fun? - Margee Kerr


You can get the video here

1.      Our automatic nervous system is responsible for activating the fight or flight response.
                     a.            True
                    b.            False
2.      During fight or flight, our body prioritizes ALL the following types of brain and body functioning except for:
                     a.            Metabolism to produce energy
                    b.            Endorphins to keep us pain-free
                     c.            Critical or cognitive functioning
                    d.            None of the above
3.      The fight or flight response is similar to what other arousal states (select all that apply):
                     a.            Excitement
                    b.            Surprise
                     c.            Sexual arousal
                    d.            All of the above
4.      The threat response (fight or flight) is universal, but how individuals experience and interpret the response can very from person to person.
                     a.            True
                    b.            False
5.      What are the psychological benefits of voluntarily engaging with scary situations?
                     a.            Boosting self esteem
                    b.            Sense of accomplishment
                     c.            Feelings of bravery and courageousness
                    d.            All of the above
6.      We tend to easily forget scary experiences.
                     a.            True
                    b.            False

Individuals can experience the same situation very differently with some leaving with positive feelings, and others feeling negatively. What are some of the suggested causes for the difference in how people experience frightening things?

What does it mean to say that emotions can be contagious? What are the mechanisms by which emotions are contagious (e.g., why are they contagious?)?

Why have humans evolved to experience fear in the manner that we do? What have been, and are, the benefits to our survival?



Prepare a monologue about the time when you went to Terra Mitica (or a similar theme park) When did you go? What did you do?  Were you afraid of riding anything?

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