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8. Expressing Emotions

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1 You hear a boy telling a friend about a dream he had. What did he understand?
            a.         That it’s important to make a good impression on people.
            b.         That he shouldn’t be so concerned about what others think.
            c.         That he should spend more time with his friends.
2 You hear Jenny’s parents talking. What do they decide to do?
a.                  To make an exception this time.
b.                  Not to make any changes to the old rules.
c.                  To make different rules.
3 You hear a father asking a psychologist for advice on a radio talk show. What does the psychologist say about the children’s arguments?
a.                  The son might need more attention.
b.                  The daughter is jealous of the son.
c.                  It is normal for the children to fight.
4 You hear a brother and sister talking. How does the brother feel?
a.                  Angry that his sister doesn’t agree with him.
b.                  Guilty about getting so angry at his sister.
c.                  Tired because he and his sister fought all day.
5 You hear a woman talking about a book.  What is particularly good about it?
a.                  The way it is organised.
b.                  The easy solutions.
c.                  The number of tips.
6 You hear a message a girl left on an answering machine. Why did she call?
a.                  To give her friend advice.
b.                  To say she feels ill.
c.                  To say she was sorry.
d.                 7 You hear a teacher talking to a parent. What is the mother concerned about?
a.                  Her daughter’s appearance.
b.                  Her daughter’s marks at school.
c.                  The way her daughter’s friends behave.
8 You hear about a problem a girl is having with her best friend. Why is she upset?
a.                  Barbara had to lie to Sally’s parents.
b.                  Barbara doesn’t like Sally’s parents.
c.                  Sally lied to Barbara’s parents.

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