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8. Listening and speaking: Hollywood

You can get the audio here


In the following conversation you are going to hear some new words. Read and listen to them. Make sure you know what they mean.
to market: promocionar
brand: marca
appeal: / atraer
neglected: / desatendido
garbage: / basura
assume: / dar por sentado
Now read the questions on the following page. Read them carefully before listening to the conversation.

According to writer Mark Harris, Hollywood is in deep crisis. He says that the
atmosphere in the movie-making capital of the world is so cautious that most executives are afraid to try new formulas. So moviegoers are left with a continuous repetition of the same titles. This year alone, Hollywood has produced Spy Kids 4, Final Destination 5, more Harry Potter, more Pirates of the Caribbean, more and more of what we’ve seen before. There are common themes that both filmmakers and brands return to, time and time again. In his book, Mark Harris asks: How did we get here? Today he has been invited to talk to reporter Barbara Walker about his recent article “The Day the Movies Died” and maybe he will be able to answer that question for us.

[Now listen to the interview.]

Choose the best answer according to the recording. Only ONE answer is correct.
Look at number 0 as an example.

0. Mark Harris thinks Hollywood is in trouble because…
_ moviegoers are cautious to try new repetitions.
_ executives don’t want to risk new formulas.
_ there will not be any more Pirates of the Caribbean.
_ the atmosphere is in continuous repetition.

1. How much does it cost to market a movie?
_ Over $50 million.
_ Up to $40 or $50 million.
_ Under $40 million.
_ Between $40 and $50.

2. Who decides what movies get made?
_ The people who make adult dramas.
_ The studios who make big adventure movies.
_ The studios that want quality stories.
_ The people who pay for the marketing.

3. Mark Harris considers Top Gun an important movie because…
_ it was one of Tom Cruise’s greatest successes.
_ it had the right kind of soundtrack.
_ it represented a change from content to image.
_ it was made for a large audience.

4. Mark Harris thinks that a movie like The Godfather would probably
not be made today because…
_ it might cost less than $40 million.
_ it was less successful than Taxi Driver.
_ it would probably cost too much money.
_ it’s not good business to make adult dramas.

5. According to Mr Harris, the audience nowadays is divided into…
_ one group for age and one for gender.
_ four groups, based on age and gender.
_ two groups: over 25 and under 25.
_ four groups, based on marketing.

6. According to the interview, which group is the most neglected?
_ Basically, Hollywood women.
_ Women who are over 25 years old.
_ Women who are under 25 years old.
_ Adult women who stay at home.

7. Movie producers believe that a lot of people would stay at home unless…
_ the movie shows a vicious circle.
_ the movie is made for adult moviegoers.
_ Sandra Bullock plays a woman under 25.
_ there’s a movie with Sandra Bullock in it.

8. Will there be a continuation of Top Gun?
_ No, because the bosses in the studios are not interested.
_ Yes, and it is very good news for kids and teenagers.
_ Yes, and that’s bad news for those who love other kind of movies.
_ Maybe, because the kids who loved Top Gun are now bosses.

Speaking: Do you like adventure movies? 

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