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8. Listening: Designing Computer Games

You can get the audio here
You are going to hear an interview with a computer games designer, Ben Wright.

1. What does Ben say about the kind of work he does?
    a.   It’s easier then he thought it would be.
    b.   It is more difficult than others think.
    c.   The hours are very convenient.
    d.   You have to focus on one thing at a time.

2. When Ben is working on a project, he ...... .
    a.   finishes ahead of time
    b.   only gets involved in the end
    c.   spends two years just coming up with ideas
    d.   is part of a large team of people

3. Ben compares game designing to ....... .
    a.   car racing
    b.   computer programming
    c.   engineering
    d.   directing films

4. What does Ben say about computer programming?
    a.   It was what his father wanted him to study.
    b.   It is a more difficult job than designing.
    c.   It is something he used to enjoy doing.
    d.   It is a job that involves a lot of creativity.

5. According to Ben, which of the following does a computer games designer need?
    a.   Experience working as a computer programmer.
    b.   The ability to continue when things get difficult.
    c.   A talent for listening to other people.
    d.   The ability to communicate in several languages.

6. When did Ben start working in the computer games industry?
    a.   While he was a student.
    b.   After doing several other kinds of jobs.
    c.   About a year after leaving school.
    d.   After studying computer programming.
7. Ben believes the best preparation for a job like his is to ....... .
    a.   play computer games
    b.   design games in your free time
    c.   study for a university degree
    d.   take courses in games development

8. What’s it like for Ben when he plays computer games today?
    a.   He finds them just as fun as most people do.
    b.   He appreciates them in a different way to most people.
    c.   He forgets he’s a professional.
     d.  He finds it boring.

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