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9. Listening and speaking: fashion

You can get the audio here

In this interview with fashion designer Tiffe Coleman you are going to hear some new words. Read and listen to them. Make sure you know what they mean.
Fashion = Moda.        Designer = / Diseñador/a.      Sketch =hacer un bosquejo.
Fabric =  Tela, tejido. Silk = Seda     Pattern =  , patrón, estampado,.
Here is the beginning of the interview. You will hear it three times
Interviewer: Fashion is a competitive business. I wanted to know more about the industry, and I was lucky enough to have young, successful fashion designer, Tiffe Coleman, with me to tell me. Tiffe's clothes are fun, colourful and inspired. She met me yesterday, in her black pants, a white jacket and a red handbag.
1. When did Tiffe become interested in fashion?
  1. When she watched pop and rock programmes on TV.
  2. When she was very young.
  3. When she first bought a Barbie Doll.

2. When did she start fashion design using the Internet?
  1. When she was at school.
  2. She started last year.
  3. She started in the 1980’s.

3. When does she get the ideas for most of her clothes?
  1. Lying in bed in the mornings before she gets up.
  2. When she is sketching patterns.
  3. When she is lying in bed at night.

4. When does she sometimes design a pattern?
  1. Before she has had any ideas.
  2. After finding a fabric she likes.
  3. When she is satisfied.

5. Does she wear the same kind of clothes as the ones that she designs?
  1. No, but she would like to.
  2. No, but she uses her own ideas and style.
  3. No, and she wouldn’t like to wear them.

6. When does she do her own shopping for clothes?
  1. Practically never: she doesn’t have time.
  2. She does it in the afternoons.
  3. Later in the day than she used to.

7. What kind of people buy their clothes at Top Shop?
  1. Most of them are quite rich young people.
  2. People who have to be careful of what they spend.
  3. People who can easily spend 200 pounds on their clothes.

8. What changes does she make to the clothes for Top Shop?
  1. She sometimes uses cheaper fabrics.
  2. She puts on different buttons and changes the styles.
  3. She sometimes uses silk instead of polyester.

9. Which of the following sentences is true? In the fashion industry…
  1. People, surprisingly, like to help each other.
  2. People only want to earn more money.
  3. Young designers have no chance to earn money.

10. What are her general impressions about being a fashion designer?
  1. There have been many disappointments.
  2. She is very positive about her experience.
  3. She only likes the money she earns.

Speaking: Talk to your partner
Is it important for you the brand of the clothes you wear? Are the logos visible in your clothes? Do you always go to the same shops?

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