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9. Ted-ed lesson : What are the universal human rights?

You can get the video here

1.      Human rights are universal and apply to everybody no matter where they live.
1.      Yes, human rights are the same for everybody
2.      No, every country has its own list of human rights
3.      It depends, countries can revoke certain human rights or grant new ones

2.      The basis of contemporary international human rights law is the _____.
1.      The United Nations Charter
2.      The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
3.      The Bill of Rights

3.      All these are considered universal human rights except:
1.      The right to work
2.      Freedom from torture
3.      The right to bear arms
4.      The right not to be subjected to arbitrary arrest

4.      Within the international system, the main body tasked with protecting human rights is:
1.      The UN Security Council
2.      The UN General Assembly
3.      The UN Human Rights Council
4.      The International Court of Justice

5.      What are some of the limitations of the concept of human rights?
1.      The development of the concept was mostly Euro-centric
2.      The downplaying of group rights, such as those of indigenous peoples and minorities
3.      The lack of strong mechanisms to enforce human rights at the international level
4.      None of the above

Now watch this
Youth for Human Rights

You can get the video here

Different words describe different people, but in the eyes of the law, this one befits us all
There many words describing people, can you write five of them?

Which is the word that describes every one?
Project work: Human Rights
Work in pairs: you have to create a presentation using Google Slides (5 slides each) about anything you consider relevant concerning Human Rights. You can start from the link above.

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